It's the little things (Logan Utah Photographer, Ogden Utah Photographer)

Its the little things in life that make me smile! 
Its the little things in life that warm my heart and help me remember those I love. For over a year now this little guy has been making me smile. Let me tell you why :)
This is not just any ordinary bunny. Several years ago my sister-in-law, Christa, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was a young mother of 4 with energy and a HUGE love for life! As many of you know Cancer comes with too many tests, surgeries, scans and treatments. For almost all (if not all) of her major procedure my brother would buy her a new stuffed animal. 
After she passed away my bother let my kids pick a stuffed animal of hers. Kollister picked this bunny.
He LOVES his bunny and takes it all around the house. I find "bunny" in the best places.. always with this little smile on his face. 
It makes my heart happy to have a reminder of my sweet sister-in-law around my house.
It just warmed my heart so much one day I decided to capture a picture of him. From there on out I will find "bunny" here and there and run and grab my camera to take a pic.
It is the little things in life that make me smile :) 


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