You are just starting out, and thats okay!

 With Christmas just behind us i have heard from several friends and family that they got a nice new camera and are asking for tips tricks and advice. Almost always these questions are followed by or presented with and "I'm sorry to bug you" or "This may sound dumb but..." (not be confused with Dumb Butt ;)
I am part of several (hundreds) of groups that have everything from newbies (just got my camera for Christmas) to full time professionals (making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year). I see time and time again people dissing beginners and laughing at their learning. I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS! 
Since I am super confrontational i dont butt into the conversations often, but i feel i need to make it known that ITS OKAY TO LEARN!
Every professional ever started at the beginning! We all had to learn. SO..... Feel free to ask me questions! I will try to blog a bit more with words not only pictures ;) I want to help you learn! I think the world could always use a few more beautiful pictures in the world! So feel free to ask away!


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